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Natural Wavy Weave, Brazilian Hair Natural Wave

2015-May-8 - Proper hair care is always shiny Brazilian Natural Wave hair

They want beautiful hair, do not pay for it, it is certainly not enough. However, it was also kept for the hair, "pay", but the right way, or the opposite, let's look at it the right Natural Wave hair care methods: using daily disposable hair care products is very important, whether it is free or spray care hair cream, or hair care oil, use every day can increase hair shine and that the protective film and prevent hair by UV rays. Let the hair enjoy weekly deep moisturizing hair mask domesticated meal to enhance the hair, which is every seven days will do. Be sure to dry the moisture in the hair when using hair mask, in accordance with the requirements of the operation, in order to achieve the desired results. Once a month every month to trim your hair to help get rid of dry, damaged parts. The tail of a small imperfection makes around attention from health, shiny part of the transfer point, and regular pruning can make hair grow faster!
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2015-May-6 - Improper maintenance hair prematurely

Posted in Lace Closure
We are talking about hair aging, in fact, including the aging of the hair and scalp hair two aspects of aging, with age, the aging scalp, and hair is aging and age has nothing to do, maybe 20 years old you are, aging hair was like 40 years old, therefore, resist aging hair to the scalp, respectively, to care for the scalp and hair even have anti-aging eyes appeared out of touch thin wrinkles, but also let our guard, extremely nervous, but, as we care for every inch of skin on his face, while often overlooked, like our head of aging skin. The latest study from the L'Oreal laboratories found that as we age, the body's own metabolism slowing down, causing the scalp and hair produces two physiological changes, resulting in hair gradually emerging signs of years of erosion. Scalp symptoms of aging: first oil glands and reduce the secretion of water membrane lipid compounds. This film is a natural protective layer of the scalp, and when this layer of film dry scalp gradually become dry, hard, and finally loses its elasticity. Second, with age, scalp microcirculation and cell exchange will slow down, nutrient delivery will also slow down, make scalp this "soil" become more and more barren, lack of nutrition irrigation hair became thin young scarce, lose vitality. Prevention of hair "premature aging" to judge your "fat age." We can use a simple method to determine the hair of the "age": a drop of water on dry hair, if you are young and healthy hair, which basic drip can maintain the status quo; if it drips soon spread out, it shows that the protective layer around the hair has been destroyed, the water spread out faster, the greater the change in shape, it shows that the greater the hair age. Why would the young and old hair? Pantene laboratory findings showed that the "natural erosion", "Wash hands" and "dye process" is the cause of aging hair three fatal injuries. Under the newborn hair, not only in the wind, sun, rain and other environmental factors, the role will be "natural" grow old, everyday shampoo, comb will also accelerate the aging of dye hair blowing the whole hair styling damage make record age "clock" more rapid operation. And unlike the skin's self-regulation, the hair does not have any ability to face the damage and repair of self-regulation, and therefore must rely on positive external repair.
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2015-Apr-24 - Honey Blonde Lace Closure

Posted in Lace Closure
Do you have some old Lace Closure that look nothing like they did when you first purchased them? Do you wish there was a way to extend the life of your Lace Closure in order to save money? When it comes to care and preserving your Closure, how much do you really know? Many people get caught up in the excitement of purchasing Lace Closure, and what they fail to realize is the importance of caring for their Closure. It is important to remember that caring for your hair extensions is not very different from caring for your natural honey blonde hair. Since you already care for your hair, caring for your Closure should be second nature, but it's always nice to have a refresher course, so here are some things to keep in mind to help you prolong the life of your hair extensions.

Although some people refuse to wash their extensions because they don't want the sheen to wash out, washing your hair extensions on a regular basis will actually help to preserve them. How often you should wash your extensions really depends on how often and how long you wear your honey blonde Lace Closure. If your wear them all the time and you notice that they are starting to pick up the oils from your hair, then you should probably wash them about once a week. However, if you only wear them a few times a week, you may be able to wash them every other week or so. It is really up to you to decide because you will know when it is time to wash them. Wash them using a gentle shampoo, and condition them for a couple of minutes using a moisturizing conditioner.

Once you wash your extensions, it is important to remember that although they are human hair, you should avoid drying them with a hair dryer. This tends to make the Lace Closure dry and brittle, and it can cause them to tangle because of the air from the hair dryer. The best way to dry your extensions is towel dry the hair,carefully comb through them, and lay them out on a towel. It will be easier to comb though the wet Closure without pulling out too much hair if you use a lightweight, spray detangler. You want to avoid a spray that is very heavy and that will weigh down your extensions.

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2015-Apr-22 - After hot curls lasting deformation

When choosing perm water, each brand includes a whole series, you have to discover the most appropriate hair perm solution and hair volume. Choose perm agent perm effect isn't just associated with the entire, but additionally affect the quality of injuries hair. After a closer inspection, you are able to request the barber to get making the best hair do. 1. perm should then add protein, moisture police force supplies, could be specific to make use of some shampoo, conditioner and dietary supplements essence, do proper care of baking oil is a great choice. 2. perm three days, please avoid using hair stays and electric curlers and hair whenever possible, to be able to maintain beautiful lengthy perm. 3. perm, the best approach is by using a large-toothed comb to comb brush open knot, pull difficult to avoid. Best to not use plastic comb to state, because static electricity produced by large plastic comb. 4. perm don't have to clean every single day. Shouldn't rub your hair shampoo, since the locks are easily broken, cleaned, attempt to let hair dry naturally. Don't use hot blow dryer, ideally having a large duct, so fluffy perm curls without cluttering. 5. After finishing shampoo or hair, use hairstyling items to boost the concentration of curls. Throughout the drying out process after curls don't always playing it. The less you touch it, will appear natural. 6. In certain moist hair, as he curls into something you need to look. Wiping herbal hair gel, you are able to make reference to hair wrapped round the mind, to ensure that your hairline is a beautiful small volumes child.
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2015-Apr-22 - Natural Wave Hair Conditioner predicament new ideas

"My 1000 strands of worry" is frequently youthful beauty beauty points. An attractive hair, Natural Wave hair transformation, frequently giving a brand new feel. But we're almost constantly encounter grey hair in a youthful age, for example buddies, buddies hair, dry skin, buddies and so forth for those who have dry or oily hair, you will find lots of attention and care into it if you wish to catch a trendy dye to dye hair, much more safeguards. Challenge haired grey Natural Wave hair in a youthful age, additionally to genetics, and illness, lack of nutrition additionally, severe mood changes, excessive stress may also cause whitened hair from nowhere. Confronted with this case, when the mental and physical adjustment, help make your mood relaxed, brunette can progressively recover For diet, vegetable protein and algae could be stable iodine in melanin, consumption of vitamin b complex may also result in the hair black lighter. Solve hair thinning hair normal metabolism is all about 50 - 100 root Natural Wave hair every single day, every hair if greater than 20  or scalp lightly pull your hair will drop out, supported by scratchy scalp, it's important get noticed a. Diffuse hair thinning and hair loss is a very common female tufted hair thinning type. The so-known as diffuse scalp hair thinning describes excessive hair loss, and tufted hair loss is a number of the wafer-formed hair thinning, hair disease which if unchecked would become a complete Natural Wave hair loss. Generally, weight reduction, nutritional changes, illness, emotional upheavals and thus be the cause of diffuse hair thinning. Zinc, calcium, magnesium along with other trace elements intake, anemia or thyroid disease, can result in hair thinning. Because frequently comb comb concern not just to comb open twisted mess, however the mind can massage the scalp to advertise bloodstream circulation, so be ready a couple of good comb it's becoming important. Generally, the comb are constructed with natural bristles and nylon material bristles two. Natural mane comb for proper hair care benefits, nylon material comb can massage the scalp and promote hair follicle metabolic process. For those who have a thick Natural Wave hair, you may choose a sizable wooden comb tooth comb should you stay a brief hair or hair hard, lengthy rectangular handle needle comb simpler to pay attention to using time, more relevant. In case you have a lengthy hair and soft, short oblong needle comb more relevant. Vent brush brush holder because you will find holes allow air flow is simple, while using most appropriate for shiny hair. Bristle hairbrush, well suited for dry Natural Wave hair, because it features a porous and permeable, can comb with the scalp of skin oils evenly between hair and won't hurt the scalp and tearing Natural Wave hair brush.
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2015-Apr-20 - How Are Natural Wave Hair Different From Lace Closure

Posted in Lace Closure
Lace Closure are in high demand these days. Many women prefer to choose these Natural Wave Hair because it enhances their beauty and allows them to wear confident looks on their faces almost anywhere. However, your confidence and beauty solely depends on which Lace Closures you choose. The market today is flooded with Natural Wave Hair as well as lace front Lace Closure. Both these Lace Closure share similarity in the materials they are made from but, when it comes to wearing, these Natural Wave Hair differ completely. Therefore, here are some pointers that will enable you to distinguish a Natural Wave Hair from a lace front closure.
 Before buying a lace front closure, you must have a fair knowledge about how these hair units are worn. Lace front closure as its name suggests, only covers the front portion of your scalp, whereas, a lace closure covers your entire scalp. On the contrary a front lace closure is some sort of an addition to your hair. These Natural Wave Hair may also be available in fringes or bangs. Women preferably choose these Natural Wave Hair Lace Closure in order to sport a fringe or bang on their foreheads. Moreover, choosing a front lace closure with Natural Wave will surely change your entire outlook. Additionally these Natural Wave Hair are highly beneficial for those women who suffer from alopecia in the front regions of their scalp.
 Lace front closure are easy to wear and handle. These lace closure do not require any sort of preliminary hair setting, which is a must with any lace closure. Usually a lace closure is integrated with a mesh that lets it stay firm on the scalp. Whereas, a front lace closure features a light band that usually blends with the skin tone. A lace front closure is usually attached to the front scalp with the help of a tape or an adhesive.
   Another distinguishing feature of these lace closure is its versatility. Natural Wave Lace Closure are highly versatile and can be fashioned in any style. You can braid them, style and wear them as an alternative for natural hair. On the other hand, lace front closure are easy to manage and handle. Unlike lace closures, a lace front closure does not require any grooming or styling. All you have to do is to wear and let it flow with your original genuine hair. However, you can have your front lace closure colored, beaded and curled as per your taste in fashion.
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2015-Apr-16 - Should My Lace Closure Or Extension Be100% Natural Wave Human Hair?

The short answer is yes!
Remy is often seen as a description when you are buying human hair lace front closure, full lace closure, hair extensions or hair weave but exactly what does the term ???natural wave? (or natural wavy) actually mean?
Beware the Non Natural Wavy Hair
When the hair is harvested from the donor, it should be cut carefully so that all the roots are kept together at one end and all the tips at the other. Some full lace hair closure are knotted from the left over sweepings from the hairdresser?s floor and you can be sure that the tips & roots will be mixed up together. This will cause the hair to tangle and matt very quickly after just a few washings as the underlying cuticles will rub against each other and cause friction and static electricity. To prevent this the manufacturers often damage the hair by stripping off the top layer and replacing it with silicone to give the feeling of a silky straight lace closure, however, this silicone soon wears off after just a few washes and the hair will become coarse and unmanageable.
The Beauty of Natural Wave Hair
Remi hair on the other hand will have all the cuticles aligned correctly making the hair easy to comb (and finger comb in the case of a natural wave lace front human hair closure) and making it far less prone to tangling. This gives longevity to the hair so that your full lace, lace front, or extensions will maintain their natural beautiful look. And adding a touch of 100% virgin argan oil from Morocco can help keep the lustre& vitality so essential for healthy & gorgeous hair.
As long as you take proper care of the full lace or lace front closure by not washing it in very hot water, only finger combing waves, and particularly by not using unsuitable hair products on it, closure made from 100% virgin human hair will last a long longtime.. We particularly recommend using salt free shampoos & conditioners and putting back the natural oils by using a little 100% pure virgin argan oil from Morocco.
Remy vs Virgin ??? the difference!
But just because the hair is remy, it does not mean that it is 100% natural virgin human hair! It could still have been dyed or had other chemical processes done to it. Only 100% virgin human hair is completely natural. So generally, remy is better than non remy but virgin is the best of all!
Full Lace Closure vs Lace Fronts
Both types of closure can come with Natural Wave human hair and the choice of which to buy is entirely up to you. But whatever the style, be it a silky straight lace closure, natural wave lace closure, kinky straight lace closure or a body wave lace closure, deep wave lace closure, or water wave lace closure, just make sure its natural wave!
Natural Wave Hair Extensions and Natural Wave Weaves
And of course, the same goes for your hair extensions, whether you have Brazilian straight extensions, virgin Malaysian hair, Indian body wave hair or thick black Chinese hair wefts, just make sure its natural wave if you want the best quality!
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